“Programmers write programs in a form called source code. Source code must go through several steps before it becomes an executable program. The first step is to pass the source code through a compiler, which translates the high-level language instructions into object code. …


All directory-based file systems must have at least one hard link giving the original name for each file. The term is usually only used in file systems that allow more than one hard link for the same file. The command to create a link is:

 $ ln  [original filename] [link name]


Soft is an actual link to the original file, whereas a hard links is a mirror copy of the original file.

If you delete original file, hard link remains.

format for soft link:

$ ln  -s [original filename] [link name]

Unlike a symbolic link, which has no content, so it will have nothing to point to.

Christian Rojas

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